Riding with Honor & Respect

Riding with Honor & Respect

Policies and Conditions

Remember that we are volunteers and the vast majority of us have full time jobs. We are a group that wishes to show honor and respect to our heroes/heroines. We are not a protest group nor an anti-protest group so don't ask us to participate in any such event that could even be remotely viewed as such. Have we attended funerals and dealt with protestors, yes. Do we know how to turn our backs to protestors, yes but again we attend not because of protestors. Protestors mean nothing to us - a fallen friend means everything.

Senior Ride Captains are listed below, and there is a link that enables you to contact each one. Senior RCs will be voting members, on behalf of their Regional members, within the IN PGR, Inc. Each Region is the responsibility of the assigned Sr. RC and that would be the 1st person you should contact.

INPGR Goodsearch Toolbar

Goodsearch will make a free donation to us each time you use it and it costs you nothing - not a penny. It is a simple toolbar install that gives out no information except that you are entering a search or buying something. The IN PGR gets donations from businesses when you use the toolbar to make your purchases or do an internet search.

Email Newsletter Signup

You will most likely get all emails pertaining to IN PGR that are sent out (which is infrequent as our calendar is our main channel of communicating missions/events) but we would also like to have our emails broken down into Regions for the Senior Ride Captains. After opting in to our email list, you can consider yourself an official Indiana Patriot Guard Riders member.

This is of the utmost importance - if you join our email list you are giving permission for us to send you IN PGR related emails. There is also an easy way to opt-out / unsubscribe. Any person that reports us as spamming them after they have opted in is traceable. Meaning - you opt-in then report us as spamming we will know who is reporting us as spamming and we will have your opt-in consent on file and we will notify all concerned of that fraudulent report made by you. Sorry if this upsets anyone but these tactics were forced upon us as what has been stated has happened and these steps are being taken to force their accountability.



A. We must be invited by a close family member of the deceased (48 hour notice) - if he/she was married then it would be the spouse and we will always defer to who the DOD refers to as the next of kin.

B. KIAs will always be our priority over any other funeral request and no limits set forth herein will apply to a KIA funeral.

C. All non-KIA funeral requests must be for active duty military, a veteran, a firefighter, a police officer, or an EMS person and we require at least a 48 hour notice of any attendance request. However, we do acknowledge that in IN firefighters and police officers take very good care of their own and we usually are only asked to attend as any citizen would attend.

D. We do not comb the obituary columns - and a funeral is a solemn ceremony and not an event that should be encroached upon.

E. An invitation from a family member for us to attend must be presented through an authorized Ride Captain of the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders.


We must be requested with at least a 48 hour notice so we will have enough time to prepare properly. This applies to any request other than a KIA.


We will entertain any request for an IN PGR presence if the event is military related, i.e. a support your troops rally, a Patriotic rally. We must insist on that if we are asked to be involved in any such event that the spotlight not be on the IN PGR - it is not about us. These types of events will be considered by the appropriate Senior Ride Captain with what is "in the works" being priority. We will not be able to fulfill all requests nor will we consider all requests but we will be respectful and give a reason why we can't fulfill a particular request.

(A) Individual military person welcome homes at the Indianapolis Airport will be prohibited. We would be glad to do a Welcome Home of any individual military person but we can't do it at the Indpls Airport for many reasons we have no control over. Please contact the appropriate Sr. RC to make that request.



We want all members to know that the activity of "Road Guard" or any term that may be used to describe the action of blocking or stopping traffic is NOT CONDONED by the Indiana Patriot Guard. We want all members to realize, that if you choose to do so during an IN PG function you are jeopardizing your own safety and liability, at a minimum.

If you are doing so, and are involved in an accident, there is a good chance that your insurance may not cover you.

Again, this is not condoned. All members are advised to refrain from this type of activity while participating in an IN PGR activity.


Riding motorcycles or driving cars/trucks has inherent risks involved. We all know that accidents do happen. Given this fact, everyone in attendance agrees they are participating in a IN PGR mission of their own free will and agree to NOT hold the SC/RC/IN PGR liable should, God forbid, anything of this nature happen.

7. No alcohol consumption

while on a mission and if you are under the influence of alcohol or any non-prescribed-drug you will be asked to leave and if necessary the local authorities will be called.

8. All Missions will have a Staging/Briefing

members have a right to know what is going on and what is expected of them

9. Each IN PGR leader is answerable

to the person that stands in the flag line.

The organizational structure for missions – in order of importance:

A. Those that Stand the Flag Line – the most important position.

B. Ride Captain of the particular Mission

C. Sr. RC of the Region that the Mission is in.

D. Assistant IN SC

E. IN SC – least important.

10. Fund Raisers will be conducted with the utmost consideration of being above board and all efforts to guard/prevent any impropriety whether it be actual or perceived will be exercised.

A. All checks should be made out to the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. or a shortened version of the corporate name.

B. Multiple IN PGR members should be responsible/watching any money that is collected and the same applies when counting monies taken in. Most fund raisers are done by a 3rd party on behalf of the IN PGR and we should not have any 1st hand action in taking in money - we should only be getting money from the 3rd party and that money should be accounted for. All fund raisers must be authorized by the IN PGR when we are directly involved in carrying the activity out.

C. All Fund Raisers must go through the Fund Raiser Captain who will ask for approval from the Assistant SC and or the SC.

D. REMEMBER – we aren't a fund raising entity but as we do have certain monetary obligations we will on occasion do certain fund raisers and their may come a time, i.e. the 2008 Indiana Care Package Project, that may require us to do more fund raising than normal.

11. Each Region may have a designated person taking photos and that person should adhere to our guidelines of taking pictures. No one should be taking pictures while in the flag line - we are there to show respect and honor and not to take pictures, which in many cases can be disrespectful.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ron 'Chief' Coleman – IN PGR State Captain

This an email that was sent out to a citizen from one of our wise Sr. RCs:


Remember we just can't get to them all! Do they deserve it? Absolutely!!!

Without a Doubt They Do!!!

Our Main Mission is KIA.

We have a good relationship with the funeral homes. We get notified by D.O.D. when those missions come.

Next is Active Duty personnel. Again we have a good Relationship with the Funeral Homes. They will discuss our mission with the families.

Along with Active duty things is our support of the deployed troops. This comes in many forms including Care Packages.

Then comes the Veterans, Not to slight them at all. Again, we have to trust in our relationships with the Funeral Homes.

The death of anyone, veteran or not is a very traumatic time for the rest of the family. The best thing we can do is keep them in our prayers. MANY of the families elect to keep things more private and personal as you may have seen. If you are a friend of the family, I would suggest you go as a private person and be there to support them.

Now as far as protocol:

First, Please don't chase Obituaries! If you hear of a funeral, first contact the Chief or the Senior Ride Captain, period.

It does no good to inform National, They can't do anything but relay the info back to us via email.

We will investigate, and make the appropriate contacts. If it becomes a Mission, we will post it accordingly.

As you are aware, We will not attend anything unless invited. The IN PGR will never be considered invited unless the invitation goes through a duly authorized RC of the IN PGR, period and no discussion on that aspect. We are free to attend as private citizens on anything you feel you need to attend. As a group we will not attend unless invited.

Now, we have tried to establish a 48 hour window to be able to put things together appropriately. This is never set in stone.

First because it takes time to make contacts, and put the mission together, and post the information and for people to arrange their schedules to attend

a Mission. We have to take time off with or without pay and make sure we know where we are going. The 48 hour window does not ever apply to a KIA.

Unfortunately, We have about 1500 people registered as PGR in Indiana. Of those, we have about 100 that show up with any regularity. Of those 100, we can usually count on between 5 to 25 to show for any particular mission.

Not great results from 1500, huh.

Why is this? We all have lives. We go when we can and where we can. Our numbers are dwindling at events we do go to. Show up!

Usually at any mission, we have only the core people in attendance. Most just pay lip service to being in PG. We are only as good as the people who show up. The best thing you can do to promote PG is to attend missions as often as you can. That is what gets the word out to the citizens. I can assure you, you will not slip under the radar if you attend.

We just can't do them all.

Remember that many things go through a mourning families mind and we can not be so presumptuous or arrogant to think that we know better and that we think we should be there over the family wishes or have a we missed one attitude - we will miss many but we can hold the honored one in our prayers whether we attend or not.

Respects, my friends, and we'll see you out there.

These policies are verbalized during the mission briefing prior to each and every mission and event and also on our waiver that you are asked to sign before participation. The waiver also has a place for you to put an emergency contact in case of such a need.