Decals and Signs

All profit from these sales will be used to assist and help our fallen heroes and/or their families and veterans. When you purchase something from us you are getting a good product and you also know you are donating to help our military and their families.

New Design - Reflective Sticker

Item 2-2      $4.00
This decal looks great on the back of a helmet and on the rear fender of a cycle. It has many uses. It is printed on reflective material which should aid bikers in being seen also. The adhesive is on the backside. Approx. size: 1" x 4" with a curved design with UV resistant inks.

Static Cling Windshield Banner - UV Resistant Ink

Item 2-4a        $10.00
This is the same design as item 2-4. It is approximately 4" x 21" and the text and graphics are centered at approximately 18". This design leaves room for you to trim the ends if needed. This banner was designed for cycle windshields but can be placed anywhere you would a normal static cling. This banner can be reused over and over again.

Adhesive Fairing Windshield Banner - UV Resistant Ink

Item 2-4b      $10.00
It is made to fit the curve of a fairing windshield and is approx. 3" tall and 20 3/4" wide. This windshield banner has enough space on it that you can personalize it yourself. This banner can easily be removed by just peeling off and it can be reused - if you wish to reuse it, it would be advisable to save the original backing to put it back onto that backing. This special adhesive damages no windshield nor leaves any mark according to the tests we have done.

Triangle Adhesive Decal

Item 2-11        $2.00
Just like the refrigerator magnet (item 2-10) but a 7yr. UV resistant vinyl decal - 2.5 x 4.5 inches.

State Adhesive Decal Glossy Decal

Item 2-6      $2.00
Glossy Decal - approx. 2.5 x 4.5 inches.

Adhesive Decal

Item 2-13        $10.00
2" x 24" adhesive decal.


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