All profits from these sales will be used to assist and help our fallen heroes and/or families and veterans. The only overhead/cost we have is the price we pay to have them made, packaging to ship them and the postage, every thing else is profit - we do all the work happily and gladly from our hearts to see that we maximize the monetary assistance and help that we can provide to our veterans, military and their families. No member, locally or Nationally makes any money from your purchase.

Consider this - when you purchase something from us you are getting a good product and you also know you are donating to help our military and their families.

Send a Care Package

Each Care Package that we send costs approximately $53 and it contains approximately 50 lbs of "goodies" for the troops. We send a package addressed to one military person and they in turn share it with others. This greatly stretches the postage dollar. If you wish to help please donate any amount you feel appropriate and we humbly thank you for your donation.


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